Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peace Project Painting

In April, The Well, a wellness center in Historic Ellicott City, MD had a benefit concert to raise money for Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary in Woodstock, MD. There was live music and vendors for the event. As a vendor, I set up a 40" X 40" inch canvas and asked people to write their intentions on a piece of fabric to add to the painting. It is a community message board and a "universal brainstorming" activity. I asked people to write down their intentions for creating a healthier future. Also, I asked what they would like to see happen in their lives to create a positive shift. In creating this experimental project, my intention is to instigate a new way of thinking in which we embrace the concept of "Oneness" and team together to raise our level of consciousness. Also, it's a way to affirm our intentions by visually seeing the written words by many people. I was touched to see all the beautiful messages that people wrote and it is a joy to visit it at The Well. This painting belongs to everyone. And we are all creators in it.